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The French language like English, Italian, German is an
international language which has gained a respectable status throughout the
universe. French is not only a language of france but also the main language of the U.N.O. It is also the official language of Canada, Belgium,
Switzerland, Luxumbourg, Guyana and Monaco. Knowledge of FRENCH language or
just an ability to communicate using FRENCH enables you to get job or survive well in a French speaking region where you are
looking for a career ahead by learning the French language course available
at Tony Wadhwa’s institute as it has it has it’s own unique structure. It is a perfect blend of
French grammar and French conversation which is easily understandable by you,
To acquire knowledge this
is the best French course in Faridkot, Kotkapura, Ferozpur.The whole course has been designed / based on modern principles.
By studying the material in this course and listening to the native speakers through
video and audio aids enables you shall be able to learn a lot about French customs and culture along with language.
The Course structure has been organized into different sections basics expressions story and action grammar and excersies of vacab.The course has been designed to
cater need of DELF EXAM and the duration depends on the CEFR level
A1-A2=2 months
B1-B2=2 months
C1-C2=2 months
Overall it can be assumed that Tony Wadhwa’s institute best French language
institute in the region